All of these authors have acknowledged Patricia Gussin as a contributor to their mystery/thriller fiction:

Ward Larsen for The Perfect Assassin, Fly By WireFly By NightPassenger 19 and The Assassins’ Game

Lawrence Light and Meredith Anthony for Ladykiller

Todd Bucholz for The Casto Gene

Barbara Anton for Egrets to the Flame

Adam Gittlin for The Deal, The Deal: About Face, and Deal Master

Don Bruns for Stuff Dreams Are Made Of, Stuff To Spy ForDon’t Sweat the Small Stuff, and Too Much Stuff

Martha Powers for Conspiracy of Silence

Barbara Levinson for Fatal February

Terrell Griffin for Blood IslandWyatt’s RevengeCollateral DamageFatal Decree,Found, Chasing JusticeMortal Dilemma, and Vindication

A. Scott Pearson for Ruptured and Public Anatomy

Allan S. Evans for Spirit Horses 

Margaret Fenton for Little Lamb Lost

Sharon Potts for In Their BloodSomeone’s Watching and The Devil’s Madonna

Deborah Shlian and Linda Reid for Dead Air and Devil Wind

Mark Terry for The Fallen and The Valley of Shadows

Miles Corwin for Kind of Blue

Jude Hardin for Pocket-47

Pascal Marco for Identity Lost

Raymond Benson for The Black StilettoThe Black Stiletto: Black & WhiteThe Black Stiletto: Stars & Stripes, The Black Stiletto: Secrets & Lies and The Black Stiletto: Endings & Beginnings

David Bishop for The Third Coincidence

Jeremy Bates for White Lies

P. Lyle for Run to Ground, Deep SixA-List, Sunshine State, Rigged, The OC, and Cultured

Alan Retzky for Vanished in the Dunes

Alan Ashforth for The Rendition and On Edge

Merry Jones for The Trouble With Charlie

Philip Donlay for Zero Separation, Deadly Echoes, Aftershock, and Pegasus Down

Matt Coyle for Yesterday’s EchoNight TremorsDark FissuresBlood TruthWrong LightLost Tomorrows, Blind VigilLast Redemption, Doomed Legacy and Odyssey’s End

Jim Satterfield for Saving Laura

Tom MacDonald for Beyond the Bridge

Michael Krikorian for Southside

David Putnam for The Disposables and The Ruthless

Merry Jones for Elective Procedures and Child’s Play

Patti Sheehy for The Boy Who Said No: An Escape to Freedom and Stalked: The Boy Who Said No

Mike Pace for One To Go

Joe Clifford for LamentationDecember Boys, Give Up the Dead and Broken Ground

Tj Turner for Lincoln’s Bodyguard, Land of Wolves and Angel in the Fog

Shannon Kirk for Method 15/33

Carter Wilson for The Comfort of Black, Final Crossing and Revelation

John Benedict for Fatal Complications

Ellen Kirschman for The Right Wrong Thing

Rob Leininger for Gumshoe for Two and Gumshoe on the Loose

Danny Lopez for The Last Girl

Rene James for Seven Suspects

Tj O’Connor for The Consultant

Yigal Zur for Death in Shangri-la and Passport to Death

Helaine Mario for Dark Rhapsody and Shadow Music

Sam Gaily for The Guilt We Carry

Andrea Carter for Death Writes, Treacherous StrandThe Well of Ice and Murder at Greysbridge

Shawn Wilson for Relentless

Bonnar Spring for Toward the Light 

Kevin Doherty for The Leonardo Gulug

Davin Goodwin for Diver’s Paradise and Paradise Cove

Drew Murray for Broken Genius 

Robert McCall for Fire and Vengeance, Death of a MessengerTreachery Times Two, and Retribution

Linda L. Richards for Endings, Exit Strategy and Dead West

Steve Goble for City ProblemsWayward Son and Go Find Daddy

Matt Witten for The Necklace and Killer Story

Otho Eskin for Head Shot and Fire Trap

William L. Myers, Jr. for Remi Bone and Backstory

Stephen M. Murphy for Abiding Conviction

James Barretto for Mystic Wind

Joanne Leedom-Ackerman for Burning Distance and The Far Side of the Desert

Mark Rubinstein for A Lethal Question and Downfall

James Polkinghorn for Liquid Shades of Blue

Carl Vonderau for Saving Myles

James A. Scott for The Blood of Patriots and Traitors

Tammy Euliano for Misfire

Adam Sikes for The Underhanded and Landslide

William Maz for The Bucharest Legacy and The Bucharest Dossier 

James Spoonhour for Incentive for Death

James L’Etoile for Face of Greed

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