The Test

Published by:
Oceanview Publishing


Hard Cover, Paperback, , Audio



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Renowned philanthropist and billionaire Paul Parnell had reached the pinnacle of monetary success, but not without cost. Had he put too much emphasis on work, and spent too little time with his family? Determined to leave something far more valuable than money to his six children, Paul instructs his lawyers to create an unusual last will and testament. This unorthodox will, which stipulates that the lion’s share of Paul’s two-billion dollar estate be given to the heirs who pass the test, was Paul’s last hope of creating a lasting legacy by inspiring his children to give back to society and embrace a code of moral values. The six children, Rory, Frank, Dan, Monica, Carla, and Ashley, have only one year to make a difference. But what a difference one year will make.

Before these six very different siblings can complete the test, they’ll be forced to face their personal demons, and the incredibly evil influence that could claim one of their own.

  • Fans of TV’s Dynasty and Sidney Sheldon will like Gussin’s stand-alone suspense novel. The plot takes a number of terrifying twists before Gussin reveals the answer.

    -Publishers Weekly
  • Gussin’s plot is ambitious and well woven, like a colorful tapestry for a family legacy. The Test is her best—suspenseful and enlightening. Mystery readers who love family sagas will delve into this clever plot and root for this troubled family.  The money is inconsequential…and Gussin’s story has its own rewards.

    -Crime & Suspense
  • In King Lear, the dying king decides to divide up his empire among his three daughters, the biggest slice intended to go to the one who demonstrates she loves him the most. In this intriguing thriller, a man dies, leaving behind a vast fortune and a very unorthodox will.

  • An excellent analysis of personal motivation, a father’s last effort to pass on a moral code under which he never rallied, and family members’ connections to each other. Suspenseful and well-crafted, this novel is riveting.

    -Fresh Fiction
  • A complicated family novel with twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end. Excellent.

    -Dallas Book Diva
  • The Test is a mesmerizing story that will keep you turning its pages well into the night.

    -TCM Reviews
  • A perfect story for a made-for-TV movie. Guaranteed to hold attention of the reader.

    -Rebeccas Reads
  • Dr. Patricia Gussin has shown her readers how to excel as a novelist in The Test.

  • Author Patricia Gussin takes a seemingly simple premise of rich families inheriting fortunes, and expertly adds to the story by including a suspenseful plot that moves readers onto new courses of adventure.

    -Feathered Quill Book Reviews
  • A compelling story, well written and vastly entertaining. Excellent – a real page-turner.

    -Mainly Mysteries
  • The Test by Patricia Gussin has something to offer everyone.

    -Reader Views
  • A very involving story that draws you in from the first chapter.  Author Gussin has given the reader a lot to think about, as well as being a cracking good story-teller.

    -New Mystery Reader
  • An enjoyable read with an important underlying message.

    -Monsters & Critics
  • Are you looking for a fast-moving page-turner to read this autumn? Then you should give The Test a chance to entertain you.

    -Bismarck Tribune
  • Gussin’s development of the characters involved, their family dynamics, and story-telling abilities take the premise to the top. Interwoven subplots take it over into the land where fine writers live.

    -Charlotte Sun Herald
  • The Test is the perfect sort of lazy-day-by-the-fire read.

    -Sacramento Book Review
  • With page turning suspense, readers will rush to a satisfying conclusion. Conversation about this book will easily revolve around the choices we make in life, whether rich or poor, young or old.

    -Women’s Lifestyle Magazine