Medicine and Mayhem: The Dr. Laura Nelson Files

Award-Winning 4-Book Medical Thriller Collection

This four-book collection follows Laura Nelson from her days as a medical student in Detroit during the 1967 riots through her assent to the position of Chief of Surgery in Tampa. Tragically, at the peak of her professional success, a fall on the ice and a devastating hand injury ends her surgical career. But Laura proves resilient and lands the top research job in a large pharmaceutical company.

Seven years in Laura’s life separate each of the four novels in the collection. Laura’s personal life evolves just as do the threats—initiated in the dark days of Detroit—that have haunted her every step along the way.


WINNER, USA National Best Book Award (After the Fall )
WINNER, Florida Book Award for Popular Fiction Gold Medal (After the Fall )

“Brave, unflinching suspense—elegant, intelligent, and superb.”
—Lee Child, New York Times bestselling author
“Set against the wounded, wailing backdrop of Detroit during the cataclysmic race riot of 1967. I doubt we’ll see a better story about this unhealed wound in late twentieth-century history.”
—Loren D. Estleman, award-winning author on Shadow of Death

“A novel as riveting as it is relentless, driving toward a climax that will have you burning through pages late into the night.”
―James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author on Twisted Justice

“Relentless suspense and pitch-perfect medical details make this a knockout, a truly infectious thriller you won’t be able to put down!”
—Tess Gerritsen, New York Times bestselling author on Weapon of Choice

“The urgency and intensity is so palpable you’ll feel out of breath by the time you’ve raced your way to the ending.”
―Alex Kava, New York Times bestselling author on After the Fall

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