After the Fall

Laura Nelson Series Book 4

After a fall on the ice and the end of her surgical career, Laura Nelson lands in the halls of the FDA and the inner sanctum of Iraq’s bio-weapon program.

A tragic accident ends Laura Nelson’s career as a surgeon. After accepting a position as Vice President for Research in a large pharmaceutical company, Laura works to finalize the imminent approval of the company’s groundbreaking new drug.

But Jake Harter, a malicious Food and Drug Administration employee, cannot let that happen. He is obsessed with Adawia Abdul, the beautiful Iraqi scientist who discovered the drug. As soon as the drug is approved, Adawia will collect a substantial bonus and reluctantly return to replace her dying father, the lead scientist in Saddam Hussein’s bioweapon program.

As Hussein’s henchmen apply brutal pressure to assure Dr. Abdul’s speedy return to Iraq, Harter uses his influence to stall the drug’s approval. If Laura gets in his way, he will eliminate her as he has her predecessor and his own wife.


WINNER, Florida Book Award
WINNER, USA Best Book Award
FINALIST, ForeWord Book of the Year Award

“An action-packed medical thriller… Gussin uses her experience as a surgeon and medical researcher to create a complex, realistic story that will appeal to readers with a taste for thrillers centering on science and politics.”

“Dr. Laura Nelson, chief of surgery at Tampa City Hospital, reluctantly seeks a new career after suffering a serious hand injury in Gussin’s superior fourth and final series thriller.”
Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)
“In the end, readers will have nothing but admiration for Dr. Laura Nelson. Gussin has done it again: provided a thoroughly satisfying formula of character, action, science, emotion and danger.”
Florida Weekly
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