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Patricia Gussin sets her second novel, Twisted Justice on the West Coast of Florida and tells the story of Dr. Laura Nelson, a thoracic surgeon who is married to nightly news anchor on Tampa TV News, Steve Nelson.

As the narrative unfolds, we find Laura coming out of the operating room where unfortunately she could not save the life of a ten-year-old girl who had broken her neck in an auto accident. Apparently, Laura had been called in too late to perform the operation due to the incompetency of the physicians in the ER room. No doubt, there is now the possibility of a malpractice suit against the hospital and that is just the beginning of Laura’s troubles.

When Laura returns home she finds Steve on the couch with his television co-anchor, Kim Connor and you can well-imagine what they were doing particularly that both were undressed.

Furious with her husband’s ill-advised romantic entanglement, she demands that he immediately leave their home. Steve apologizes profusely and tries to convince Laura that it was a onetime fling and there was nothing between him and Kim. Apparently, Steve had felt sorry for Kim as she was recently beaten up by her jealous boyfriend who is a member of the Mafia. Against his better judgment, he invited Kim to come home with him for a drink and some comforting conversation.

The plot thickens when a few days later Kim is found murdered in Steve’s apartment and Laura, who was at the wrong place and wrong time, discovers the body. Not giving it any thought, Laura picked up the gun that was found near Kim’s body, and as it turns out, these were the only fingerprints found on the gun. The police accuse Laura of Kim’s murder and she is now forced to hire a high-priced attorney and his well-qualified team to defend her.

Before this tale is fully told and just when you think you have read all there is to Laura’s terrifying and surreal nightmarish experiences, something else crops up and Gussin throws in some other twists that astonish her readers.

Gussin expertly steers her readers through this tightly written tale as it unfolds with an intriguing cast of characters and achieves an almost flawless rhythm as the narrative rushes to a surprising conclusion. In the end she delivers with her perfect sense of timing all the hair pin turns that you would expect from a first-class thriller.

Norm Goldman


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