Shadow of Death (Book 1 of Laura Nelson Series)

Published by:
Oceanview Publishing

Hard Cover, Paperback, , Audio



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Finalist, International Thriller Writers
for Best First Novel

Pull a trigger and everything changes.

Whatever is good and normal dissolves before your eyes. Medical student Laura Nelson had just finished examining her first patient – bullet wound to the head. As she leaves the hospital, an angry voice erupts with obscenities. Shaken and confused, she quickly walks the deserted two blocks to her car, keeping an eye on the dark, riot torn neighborhood around her – eager to get home to her husband and young sons. Suddenly, a rough hand drags her into a violent double crime. A trigger is pulled, and Laura’s world changes forever.
Set amidst the upheaval and smoldering chaos of the Detroit riots of 1967, this story unfolds in a real place at a real time. These riots created a terrible fissure in the social fabric of that city engulfing ordinary people and spinning the normal patterns of life into a downward spiral.

  • Shadow of Death is a surefire winner. The suspense is riveting, the pacing masterful. Patricia Gussin is a wonderful storyteller, and Shadow of Death is medical suspense at its best. Only a physician who is also a great writer could have crafted this novel. This book will have you gasping for breath.

    -Michael Palmer, New York Times Best-Selling Author
  • Shadow of Death is a moving story set against the wounded, wailing backdrop of Detroit during the cataclysmic race riot of 1967. A stylist of the minimalistic school, Patricia Gussin wrenches emotion from the reader with a spare, objective narrative that draws its power from without, rather than telling her audience what to think and how to feel. I doubt we’ll see a better story about this unhealed wound in late twentieth-century history.

    -Loren D. Estleman, Best-selling Author
  • Shadow of Death portrays an accurate picture of Detroit during that tough year of 1967. It is realistic, gruesome and stunning, almost shocking in its detail.

    -David Poremba, Manager, Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library
  • A riveting, non-stop suspense novel from newcomer Patricia Gussin. Gussin taps into the deepest fears of women and places them artfully in the world of 1960’s Detroit.

    -Judy Clemens, Anthony and Agatha Award Nominated Author
  • This is a very promising first novel about a little-explored incident in 20th century American history about which the author knows a great deal. Protagonist Laura Nelson, a medical student, finds herself in the middle of a riot in Detroit, tribulations as a student, wife and mother, and life and death challenges that keep coming.

    -Stuart Kamisky, Edgar Award-winning author and Grand Master of Mystery Writers of America
  • Dark secrets, shady characters, fear and frustration and a plot that races along like a runaway gurney in a hospital corridor. Shadow of Death scared me! A really good scare.

    -Don Bruns, Award-winning Author of The Mick Severs “Music Series” and the Lessor and Moore “Stuff Series.”
  • In Shadow of Death, the author gives a stunning picture of the cultural divide during and after the Detroit riots that propels the reader through the story…A story that rings painfully clear.

    -Martha Powers, Best-selling Author
  • Patricia Gussin’s first novel is a nail-biter…once I picked this one up, I couldn’t put it down.

    -New Mystery Reader
  • Part medical thriller, part woman’s fiction…Deeply disturbing, realistically harsh, Shadow of Death is a taut suspense thriller.

    -Futures Anthology Magazine
  • Highly recommended: Shadow of Death by Dr. Patricia Gussin is a great new read.

    -Green Bay Press
  • All the characters, the riots, the time period of 1967—all are so real. The author catches all the feelings.

    -Scribes World
  • A very human and compelling protagonist. Nail-biting tension and suspense drive the story to its shocking climax.

    -Spinetingler Magazine
  • A woman’s life is torn asunder…An elaborate and fast-paced medical thriller.

    -Kirkus Discoveries
  • Her secret may not be a secret…Laura must face her fears and her toughest critic—herself.

  • Nail-biting tension and suspense drive the story to its shocking climax.

    -Mystery Morgue