After The Fall (Book 4 of Laura Nelson Series)

Published by:
Oceanview Publishing

Hard Cover, Paperback, Audio



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Gold Medal in Popular Fiction,
2015 Florida Book Awards;
Winner, 2015 USA Best Book Awards
for Thriller/Suspense

A tragic accident ends Laura Nelson’s career as a surgeon.  After accepting a position as Vice President for Research in a large pharmaceutical company, Laura works to finalize the imminent approval of the company’s groundbreaking new drug.  But Jake Harter, a malicious Food and Drug Administration employee, cannot let that happen.  He is obsessed with Adawia Abdul, the beautiful Iraqi scientist who discovered the drug.  As soon as the drug is approved, Adawia will collect a substantial bonus and reluctantly return to replace her dying father, the lead scientist in Saddam Hussein’s bioweapon program.  As Hussein’s henchmen apply brutal pressure to assure Dr. Abdul’s speedy return to Iraq, Harter uses his influence to stall the drug’s approval.  If Laura gets in his way, he will eliminate her as he has her predecessor and his own wife.

  • Dr. Laura Nelson, chief of surgery at Tampa City Hospital (Fla.), reluctantly seeks a new career after suffering a serious hand injury in Gussin’s superior fourth and final series thriller (after 2012’s Weapons of Choice), set a year after the Gulf War. Laura agrees to become an executive at Keystone Pharma, a company about to release a wonderful new drug, Immunone, for which she helped organize the clinical trials. Meanwhile, FDA project manager Jake Harter is desperate to keep Immunone from being approved, for his own nefarious reasons. Jake is also willing to hide vital data and commit murder to keep his lover, Iraqi researcher Adawia Abdul, from leaving the U.S. Meanwhile, Saddam Hussein’s minions are pressuring Adawia to return home so that she can create bioweapons. Gussin deftly resolves the various plotlines at the climax. Along the way, she vividly depicts her characters’ interior lives, especially Jake’s slide into monomania as he collides with the determined, clear-headed Laura.

    -Publishers Weekly ***Starred Review***
  • Gussin completes her Laura Nelson series with an action-packed medical thriller… Gussin uses her experience as a surgeon and medical researcher to create a complex, realistic story that will appeal to readers with a taste for thrillers centering on science and politics.

  • This book is the fourth and, sadly, the end of the Laura Nelson series that has been so incredible to read…This fascinating series has the reader chomping at the bit for yet another piece of the puzzle every single time one of the books comes to an end. The writing, the characters, the plot—everything is so well done. Patricia Gussin will continue to gift fans with another amazing tale very soon. But Laura Nelson and her relentless determination and heroine status will be missed.

    -Suspense Magazine
  • After the Fall is the sixth novel for this author, the fourth in her Laura Nelson series. The plot is a good, solid one, pulling in the many characters who move it along nicely, and incorporating global issues that are relevant today. As the thriller reaches its conclusion, there is a brief hint that this one is not the last we shall see of Laura.

  • Patricia Gussin’s newest release, After the Fall, takes readers on a fast-paced, gut-wrenching thrill ride. Those who haven’t read the first three novels in the Laura Nelson tetralogy will be rushing to the Oceanview Publishing website to secure copies of the previous installments once they finish the final page of her latest.

    Gussin, who practiced medicine and worked in medical research, uses her vast knowledge of the field to solidify her medical thrillers in an easy-to-follow storyline. After the Fall intrigues with twists and chills that keep her fans turning the pages.

  • This fourth Laura Nelson thriller is a page-turner par excellence. An accidental fall leaves Laura in great pain. Her smashed hand cannot be reconstructed sufficiently for her to continue performing surgery. The title phrase, however, has other echoes – like a fall from grace or esteem. Such a fall is something that Laura fears when confronted with the need to reveal – or have revealed by others – painful secrets from her past. In the end, readers will have nothing but admiration for Dr. Laura Nelson. That means, of course, that Dr. Patricia Gussin has done it again: provided a thoroughly satisfying formula of character, action, science, emotion and danger.

    -Florida Weekly
  • A taut, fast-moving thriller with a historical context is found in Patricia Gussin’s After the Fall—The novel has an added sense of

    reality due to the fact that the author has practiced medical research and been an executive with a leading healthcare company. Her first novel, Shadow of Death, was nominated as the best first novel by International Thriller Writers. This sixth novel is bound to attract awards and is the fourth and final novel in her Laura Nelson series.

  • Gussin is able to use her experiences of practicing medicine and working in a pharmaceutical company for twenty-two years to create strong storylines…Dr. Laura is an intriguing character who has had her share of problems, from being raped, to killing the perpetrator, to falling and having a career ending injury. Yet, what readers like most is her ability to move beyond these disasters and come out ahead…lives become intertwined the plot becomes more gripping and riveting…After The Fall is about family dynamics, how a working mother always puts her family foremost; her job involving medicine, and the psychology behind the different characters desires. This thriller will keep readers turning the pages.

    -Crimespree Magazine