New Laura Nelson Story In The Works!

Patricia’s next novel will again feature Laura Nelson.  In Shadow of Death, Laura was a medical student in Detroit.  There her life became linked with the Jones family, Lucy, Anthony and Johnny, and the four Jones sisters.  Seven Years after the conclusion of Shadow of Death, Laura returns in Twisted Justice as a thoracic surgeon in Tampa.  Her husband, Steve, a social worker in Detroit is now a local celebrity as the evening television news anchor.

In Weapon of Choice (the working title of the next Laura Nelson book), Laura is the chief of surgery at Tampa’s university teaching hospital.  The year is 1985, seven years after Twisted JusticeWeapon of Choice will be a medical thriller, tying together the emergence of HIV/AIDS in the Tampa community as well as stolen lethal, resistant  Staphylococcal organisms from NIH and CDC  research programs.  Laura is overwhelmed by these profound public health threats, but when her own child becomes a victim, the emotional stakes skyrocket.

Look for Weapon of Choice (working title) in Fall, 2012